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Optimize your legal review using language technology


Rapid document review and reporting platform created by experts.

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Review a document and draft your report in minutes


Upload your document for processing

Use the secure data interface to upload your data. Within seconds, the advanced language technology algorithms process your documents to detect relevant findings. Syrten is trained to detect over 1000 legal findings ranging from exclusivity in commercial contracts to real estate issues. All documents are processed fully automatically. No human operator ever reads the content of your documents. After processing, the documents are annotated to highlight relevant sections and sent to the user interface for your review.


Optionally Check the Findings

If you choose to manually check the findings, the Syrten webapplication provides various tools. The easy to use interface presents all documents according to document type. It allows you to filter documents according to the specific type of issues that were detected. Using the detected issues as a guide you can quickly jump to the sections where issues were detected. Here you can choose to accept, change or reject a finding. Once you gain experience with the detection quality of Syrten, you can select the option to accept the findings in a specific document all at once.


Automatically Generate your Report

Syrten combines the findings into conclusions and generates a report. The report is intended as a draft for you to be used as a basis for your own final report. The application allows you to the report in full. In addition the report can be exported in all common document formats to be used in your favorite text editor for final layout and completion.



  • Syrten truly enhances the due diligence process across our M&A practice and results in HR cost savings at the same time.

    Senior M&A partner international law firm Amsterdam
    • We are impressed that Syrten can handle multilingual documents for our international M&A practices. 

      Senior partner International M&A practice Amsterdam
    • I mean the word proof not in the sense of the lawyers, who set two half proofs equal to a whole one, but in the sense of a mathematician, where half proof = 0 …

      Carl Friedrich Gauss

    Syrten legal review using language technology assists:


    Professional advisory firms

    Professional advisory firms are increasingly choosing to embrace new technologies. It empowers their people and processes. We are convinced that technology contributes to the human judgement. Syrten helps professional advisory firms with meeting their clients’ needs, more effectively and more accurately.
    Whether you use Syrten for your due diligence exercises, legal quick scans or contract management, we save you valuable time and costs, while you will make your clients happy.

    In-house counsels

    As an in-house counsel you are keen to optimize risk management processes and benefit from cost reductions. Syrten will help you save time and costs on your in-house due diligence exercise, legal quick scans and other document review processes. Whether you wish to use it for the day-to-day analysis of legal documents or for a potential acquisition or divestment, Syrten will be an invaluable addition to your team.

    Everyone else

    Let’s face it, the world does not only exist of professional advisory firms and in-house counsel. Syrten can assist anyone with their legal review efforts. Whether you are an Investment Firm, governmental organization or a small sized business owner, Syrten will help you save time and costs!

    Syrten offers Powerful Technology without added Complexity


    User friendly

    Syrten allows you to start your automated review with only a few mouse clicks. Upload your batch of data into the application, and off you go. Syrten automatically categorizes the data applying filters and leads you to selected findings in the documentation. You can have Syrten process the documentation in full automatic mode or allow you to easily verify and validate each individual finding.




    As top tier lawyers, we know exactly how to report what you are looking for. Therefore, we have built our algorithm from a user perspective and will not bother you with irrelevant information. Syrten will automatically generate a due diligence report, based on the data it is fed with. You can review and change the report on the fly and personalize this with your company look & feel. Any special requests? No problem, Syrten is here to help!




    Syrten complies with security standards including ISO 27001 Security Standard and EU Data Privacy regulations. All data is encrypted to protect against security threats, ensuring minimum risk and maximum uptime. Stringent 24/7 security measures both outside and in the data center ensure furter safety. Located at the Amsterdam AMS-IX internet exchange, our Tier3 data center offers the best in security, connectivity and sustainability. This strategic location gives fast and direct access to major markets in Europe and the USA.



    The price model is based on the total number of pages per deal. Before using the solution, customers will receive the costs based on the number of pages extracted from the dataroom.




    Although Syrten was designed to be intuitive and very easy to use, we understand that there will always be unforeseen circumstances that may require backup. Therefore, we provide a live support hotline that will guide you through the application. For customers with special needs we provide a custom facility enabling the rapid development of your required functionality.


    Syrten works equally well with one or with 100.000 documents.

    Discover legal issues and generate a report Faster and Easier than before.


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    The rapid document review and reporting platform created by experts.

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